Thursday, February 10, 2011

Highland Bowl

Looking “into” the Highland Bowl

             The Highland bowl located in the heart of Highland commons is on the University of Arizona campus where many students, workers, teachers, nurses, and people of the Tucson community attend to use for numerous personal reasons. This photo represents the architecture of the bowl in its vacancy of people. The cement signifies the cold hard surface which in turn is also welcoming to its customers based on the representation that it is a tangible bench. The trees indicate liveliness and are a warm touch to all of the concrete encompassing the recreational area. The vast space on the left brings light to the bowl where as on the right there is dimness for other followers who wish to enjoy the shade of the trees. An important element of the snapshot is the trash can because the container allows people to eat within the bowl and have a waste basket to resort their trash too in a short distance.
Emotions are typically formed when viewing any space, person, text, color, advertisement, etc. The value of the highland bowl and the components within it produce some form of sensation. The soft and light colored grass creates the feeling of tranquility as well as a care free mentality. A person can relax on the grass with a blanket and just use the space for a stress free environment. The lawn also can convey the design of competitiveness when an athlete glances at the space from a distance. The open field signifies a desire to “play” and take part in a game or recreational sport. The overall view of the bare space brings the eyes to see many different uses people can partake in with groups or for personal freedoms as well.

            Activity and sociability are two key factors when understanding the purpose of the highland bowl. This image brings tanning, sports, socializing, and fitness all to the specific vicinity. The clear detail of girls tanning in the back middle of the bowl illustrates the use of the grass and how a person can simply throw down a towel and relax in the sun. The nonexistent tree landscape in this area allows the sun to shine through giving the women the light to tan.  To the left of the women in the middle of the photo are two other girls who are not necessarily tanning yet are peacefully sitting on the landscape and viewing other activities which are taking place in the center of the basin. The sensation brought on from a person walking by would mainly be happiness and thoughts of people having fun. The concept of people smiling and socializing is welcoming to others that may be passing through and viewing all of the various actions taking place.

            The people on the outskirts of the bowl are merely walking through and using the pathway around the bowl as a short cut and easier way to advance to their destination. One man in the back left is using the sidewalk to jog for his exercise. The circular shape of the bowl which the man is running around also entails the sign of unity which allows groups to take a drawing towards the space. A considerable observation of the picture is the draping leaves right up front. It is almost like to view the space a person is literally stepping into the bowl with leaves overhead. The feeling imposing the thought is complete acceptance to the area and the people inside the field. 

            The view of the Highland bowl at a different perspective exemplifies a diverse outlook. The closeness and opposite direction exemplify a diverse standpoint of the bowl. The two concrete benches are sending off the vibe of an inexpensive material used for typical college grassland. Students, workers, nurses, Tucson community use the bowl for a place to “stop by” when going through out their day. Concrete is a symbol of allowing a person to stay there for a short time period. The benches are perfect for a smoke break or eating a quick lunch. For those who would rather stay longer at the location they can sit on the grass where there is a much more friendly feeling derived from the texture. The woman lying in the sun is reading a book and laying on her backpack. This shows she has a break between a class and is just tranquil and catching up on a reading of hers. The man on the bench in the far right of the image is sitting there in a pondering position. He still has his backpack on which shows he will most likely be leaving in a shorter time period then the women that are lying down with their backpacks off in the grass.
            Seeing the bowl from a different side still can show the same characteristics yet portray different meanings on the architectural angle. The sign of no significant drop in the bowl makes the area seem more of a flat land. There is still the cement landing strip that shows a slight decline in the grassland. Generally speaking the opposite side has appealing observations as well. 

            One of the girls sitting in the grass area has workout attire on which displays she could be stopping by after a workout at the gym nearby. The other girl next to her is sitting down a towel and looks as if she had been sitting there for a longer period of time. The woman working out may have stopped by to say hello or have a conversation as she passed through the spot. This proves that the highland bowl is a great place for friends to meet or see each other on a beautiful day outside.
            The silver colored fire hydrant and the blue emergency button in the back show that the highland bowl is a safe place for college students. Having a sense of security is important when trying to draw in more people especially men and woman of the college age. The light poles also show that there will be light at a later hour of the day so a person walking through would know they have a secure viewing and not get lost in the dark. Being protected when at a public place is extremely important for the people who design the region. To sum up the entire Highland bowl it is a place for every person to visit or use for any personal reason. The location has multiple uses and is great for the college and Tucson community.